Award Winning Author Jennifer Douglas Abubakar

Jennifer Douglas Abubakar has loved writing ever since she can remember. When she was five years old she would write creative stories that amazed her parents and teachers. As she progressed through school, she continued to have a strong passion for writing of all styles. She loved writing poems, essays, short stories, fiction, non-fiction; it didn't matter what she was writing about as long as she was writing. She always did well on her school essays and she entered local writing contests and almost always won.

When she was in high school she began pursuing her writing professionally. On top of her school work, she began writing a fiction book about Greek Mythology. While she used real characters from Greek Mythology, Abubakar created a story about them that had never been written before. It took her three long years, but the year after graduating high school she finally finished her book.

Abubakar sent it to every publishing company she could find. Most turned her down, and some never responded, but after a year of trying to get her book published, someone finally agreed to work with her. Abubakar was thrilled to finally have her book published, and hoped that it would catch on with the general public. Not only did it catch on, but schools began using it as part of their English curriculum.

Abubakar was amazed at the success she could have doing what she loved. She was so happy knowing that her book was in the homes of many people around the country. That was all she ever wanted. What happened next she had never even dreamed about.

About a year after her book was released, she got a call from her publisher telling her that her book was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. The night of the award ceremony Abubakar was extremely nervous. When she was announced as the winner she couldn't believe it. She was astounded and honored that she had received so much recognition. Her career has been more that she ever imagined and she is forever grateful that so many people enjoy her writing.